Month: December 2016

Why We Needed to See a Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer

Money started to get tight when I could no longer do my job. We had to rely on income from a secondary job to get by. We cut every corner we could, but we still had a mortgage and a car payment. Those payments remained fixed along with other things such as credit card bills. Everything was manageable when I was able to work the two jobs and my wife her two jobs. One was full time for each of us, and the other was part time. We had to see a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer when my wife had to leave her full time job to help me.

I was out of work for a year due to complications from a chronic disease. She helped me through all of the pain and discomfort. However, the lost income was devastating. Continue reading

Waking Up in Pain is Not Ideal

When I woke up one morning and could not bend over to retrieve my slippers, I just attributed it to a poor night of sleep. The pain did not go away though like I thought it would that day, and I went to bed feeling even worse than I did when I woke up. I figured a good night sleep was all I needed, but I woke up the second morning in a world of pain. I went online and did a search for a chiropractor in Santa Rosa because there was no way I was going through a second day of pain.

I was able to get in that day, and everything happened pretty fast. The chiropractor did an examination on my back, and he had me bend and stretch to help him see exactly what range of motion was able to be completed. I then had X-rays done to further diagnose the issue, then the chiropractor sat me down to tell me what had happened. It was nothing dire, which I was relieved about. I did not want to have to have any kind of surgery nor did I want to get on pain medication that can be addictive. Continue reading

Alternative Medicine Therapy for Pain and Stress from Dr. Brooks

The world is changing with science. Science has been explored to fight with time which has been fatal to humans. Research and development have given a lot to humanity. But humanity seeks more, more till the perfection is achieved. The perfection in terms of health that people today seek is treating, even a rise in the symptom which causes chronic illness in them. Alternative medicines have proven its mettle since centuries in achieving perfect health. One alternative medicine for pain and stress is chiropractic care. Dr. Douglas Brooks, D.C. in Bakersfield, California is a qualified Bakersfield chiropractor.

The process of chiropractic care begins with diagnosis and thereafter treatment is suggested to patients accordingly. The effect on a general health of the patient is confirmed on positive musculoskeletal system disorder. Continue reading

Pain is No Laughing Matter when It Happens to You

When I was a kid, it was common to see comedy skits on TV about people bending over and suddenly throwing their back out. Those types of skits were always good for laughs, but when you find that really happening to you in real life, it’s not amusing the least. The only thing that helped me were the five visits I had with an Orland park chiropractor after trying a high number of other things that didn’t do me any good at all. I had been crossing my fingers that I could end my pain issues because they were a monster to deal with during everyday life.

I hadn’t done any spring cleaning in my place in a long time. I was too busy working very long hours. One day, I sat down for some extremely rare relaxation time and looked around at the room that I was in. It looked sort of grubby. The walls looked sort of dirty. The carpeting had seen better days. The windows were grimy. Continue reading

My Husband’s Car Accident Caused a Lot of Pain

I have never been in a car accident, so I cannot understand exactly the pain that my husband was experiencing. He was in the hospital overnight for observation, and they recommended that he see a chiropractor in Sacramento because of the pain he was feeling in his neck and back. Their imaging results did not come up with anything conclusive, and they felt that a chiropractor would be the best professional to help him with the pain and healing that he needed to happen quickly. We had never been to a chiropractor before so we had no idea which one to see.

Thankfully, one of the nurses who was tending to him heard us talk about it, and she told us about her chiropractor. She explained that she used to have a very sore back from being on her feet all day and then helping patients sit up, stand and walk. I never thought about the toll a nurse’s body takes in helping his or her patients! Anyway, she told us that she started seeing a chiropractor, and that he gives her regular adjustments. Continue reading

My Chiropractor Relieves My Back Pain when It Hurts, but I Fail at Doing the Exercises So I Don’t Need to Go Back

Spring is such a wonderful time. Our community has an annual Easter Egg hunt. It has grown from just a thing a couple of neighbors did together for some neighborhood kids to a thing where a couple of people spend a few hours hiding the plastic eggs in a big field that has some trees. We have big plastic bins filled with the eggs that all have candy in them. Stooping over hiding all those treats threw my back out. I needed to see my chiropractor in Fort Myers for me to be in good order with my back for work on Monday. Can you imagine telling your boss you cannot come in because your back hurts from putting out Easter Eggs? Yeah, me neither. Continue reading

Don’t Let the Pain Win

If you’re experiencing pain you want to make sure that you’re going to be able to get through it as quickly as possible. You want to make sure that you can find a doctor who will get you the pain relief that you really need, but you always want something that you’re going to be comfortable getting. While some people prefer higher dose shots for pain medicine and relief, not everyone is going to like this type of treatment or appreciate getting it for themselves, which is one thing you want to consider.

Pain Management

if you’re looking for Injection free pain management in Scottsdale AZ you’re definitely going to find a lot of options, but you need to know what type of management you’re really looking for as well. There are more traditional methods such as other medications or physical therapy and there are also alternative methods like acupuncture and acupressure. No matter what you prefer to use, you’ll want to make sure you have a doctor that can help you out with those preferences and make sure that you’re going to be pain free as quickly and easily as possible.

Standard Care

The more common methods of pain management are some type of medication or physical therapy. If you’re looking for the easiest method getting a prescription for some type of pain medication is going to be that method. You’ll be able to get differing strengths of pain medication depending on just how severe your pain is and you’ll get different doses as well. You’re also going to get a variety of different types of medication to choose from, even when ruling out injections. That’s because different types of medication can help with different types of pain and different severity as well.

Depending on what is causing the pain you could also get physical therapy to help you out. THis type of therapy allows you to stretch and loosen the joints or muscles that may be causing problems for you or resulting in pain. This can help them to be more flexible and therefore help you to experience less problems with pain throughout your normal day. You want to make sure that you’re going to get less pain and with therapy you cna do that, though it’s going to be a longer term process whereas medication generally takes affect right away.

Alternative Methods

Finally, you come to the alternative methods of pain therapy and management. These are things like herbal remedies, acupressure and acupuncture. For many people these can be extremely successful and you’ll be extremely happy with the results that you see. You’ll be able to continue on with your life more quickly and you’ll be able to do it without having to worry about medications and chemicals. Of course, you can use these methods along with more traditional methods if you prefer, so make sure you’re considering all of your options and choosing something that is going to work best for you. Check out some information here to find out more about your options.

I Needed to Get More Teeth!

I used to the kind of person who never smiled. I had a lot of reasons to smile, but I had a big reason to not smile as well. I had neglected my teeth when I was younger and ended up losing several of them. I thought they were far enough back in my mouth that I would not need to worry about them, but that was just until I saw a picture of myself laughing and could see the gaps. Rather than contact a dentist in Fremont, I just started to not smile where my teeth would show.

That changed not long ago though when I decided that I needed some self improvement. Continue reading

Is LASIK the Right Fit For You?

LASIK surgery is a promising solution for those who are tired of messing with contact lenses every morning and those who don’t want to wear eyeglasses for the rest of their life. However, not everyone with poor eyesight is a good choice for the eye surgery, which is why you may be interested in finding out whether or not LASIK is the right choice for you. Most people who have LASIK surgery experience positive results and are happy with their choice. Here are a few indicators that can help you decide if now is the right time to look into it.

What is LASIK Surgery?

While almost everyone has heard of LASIK surgery and are aware that it involves surgery to the eye, most people don’t really know what it is. LASIK stands for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. This essentially means using a laser to help reshape the cornea so that eye problems are corrected and your vision is restored. When you actually have the procedure a trained eye surgeon will create a cornea flap that allows them to correct problems within the cornea. Most people who only have moderate issues with their refractive errors in the eye will be a good fit for LASIK.

Who Should Have LASIK Surgery?

As mentioned, those who only have mild or moderate issues with their refractive eye errors will be a good fit for LASIK. While you may not know what your error actually is, you are probably a good fit if you suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Essentially, if you have problems seeing things far, near, or simply suffer from blurry vision. However, if you have severe vision problems or severe versions of any of these vision problems then you may not be a good candidate. Additionally, some people have oddly shaped corneas and are not good candidates for the surgery. Therefore, it is vital you sit down with your eye doctor and then an eye surgeon to discuss if you are a Lasik Eye Surgery Candidate St. Louis.

Will LASIK Surgery Treat Presbyopia?

By the time most people are in their forties many will experience vision loss due to aging. This is commonly referred to as presbyopia. Generally, this continues from the mid-forties until you are about the age of 65. If you are shocked at the sudden vision loss and frustrated you may wonder if LASIK is something that you could do to correct the issue.

LASIK surgery can sometimes offer better distance vision to those who undergo it for presbyopia, but the problem with this condition is that sometimes the surgery will inversely make your close up vision even worse. Some people choose to have their vision treated by having it corrected for monovision. This improves one eye for distance and one eye for near vision. Some people adjust well to this and others do not so before actually having the surgery it may be best to trial monovision with contact lenses.

A Way to Get Rid of that Unexplainable Fatigue

Are you feeling tired most of the time? Those instant cups of coffee may not be the culprit. It turns out that caffeine is the least of your worries.

Excessive consumption of coffee, sugar and alcohol, paired with chronic stress, causes an overgrowth in the natural bacteria, known as Candida albicans, in the linings of the intestinal tract. Eating non-organic meat which contains antibiotics adds to the damage. As we continually consume these kinds of food, we unwittingly put the growth of the Candida out of balance. This imbalance can cause problems in a certain system of the body, an organ, a gland or all four areas. The symptoms include fatigue, digestion problems, depression or anxiety, brain fog, intense sugar cravings, nail fungus, excess mucus and persistent allergies. A Candida cleanse can eliminate these symptoms.

The best Candida cleanse is to starve the overgrowth with a specific diet and a careful combination of supplements. The diet consists of eliminating non-organic meat and consuming healthy animal proteins instead. Non-starchy vegetables and healthy fats like avocado, coconut oil and butter should also be included in the list. Complex carbohydrates like gluten-free grains are allowed, but they should be minimized. Fermented food and drinks, white flour, yeast, sugar, and gluten should be completely eliminated from the diet to hinder the growth of this prolific bacteria.

Supplements are the tools that aid in flushing the Candida out of the system. Careful research has lead to these three specific supplements. First is food-grade diatomaceous earth, which acts as razor blades to the exoskeletons of the bacteria. Second, bentonite clay taken with a lot of water flushes the shells out of the body. Third, antifungals such as grapefruit seed extract and oregano oil kill the Candida.

Diet and supplements can get control of excessive Candida growth and flush the bacteria from the digestive system to provide relief from fatigue and new stores of energy.