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I Needed to Get More Teeth!

I used to the kind of person who never smiled. I had a lot of reasons to smile, but I had a big reason to not smile as well. I had neglected my teeth when I was younger and ended up losing several of them. I thought they were far enough back in my mouth that I would not need to worry about them, but that was just until I saw a picture of myself laughing and could see the gaps. Rather than contact a dentist in Fremont, I just started to not smile where my teeth would show.

That changed not long ago though when I decided that I needed some self improvement.

My Back and a Death Scare

One day I started to notice a pain in my back and I went to the doctor for him to check it out. The doctor looked at it and did some tests and I had to wait a week for the results. He later contacted me and told me that I had cancer. I was shocked and devastated to hear that. I thought it was some kind of mistake, so I went to a San Jose chiropractor to get a second opinion. I had been living a healthy life with no kind of agents that would cause cancer.

I was scared that the chiropractor would confirm what the doctor already told me and started making arrangements for my death.