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The Benefits of Yellow Pages

A Yellow Pages (YP) website is a very valuable resource for consumers. It can save time and effort locating the exact company you are looking for. Here is a partial list of the advantages offered to consumers when they use the YP:

  •        Search by location
  •        Search by business type
  •        Ability to find a business or a person
  •        Complete contact information
  •        Hundreds of categorized money-saving deals in every location
  •        Maps and directions
  •        Reviews
  •        Access to mobile apps
  •        Entertainment ticket sales
  •        Hotel and rental car reservations
  •        Categorized list of places to get food in your area
  •        Coupons
  •        Deal of the Day
  •        Order flowers online
  •        City guides

And much more. As you can see, the YP is a consumer bonanza with dozens of valuable features. Let’s take a look at a real-life example:

Rachel B. lives in Boca Raton. Florida. Unfortunately for her, her 12-year-old niece came to stay with her for a month while the girl’s mother was “resting”. The niece, Susan, had always been a problem child, and tended to be somewhat destructive if you didn’t pay her enough attention. Rachel’s own son, Owen, age 10, was easily dominated by Susan, and before long the two were up to all sorts of mischief. Now, Owen was normally a studious young boy and liked to build models or play with chemistry sets. Susan, on the other hand, was strictly into entertainment. On the third day of her visit, Susan thought it would be entertaining if Owen would do some experiments using his chemistry set.

Owen was always pretty good about following the experiment directions that came with the set, but Susan liked to think “outside the box”. Together, they began to mix chemicals together indiscriminately in the living room. Suddenly, a test tube erupted with a sharp, sulfurous odor and started spilling a hot black liquid onto the white nylon carpet. When Rachel came home, the house smelled terribly and there was a big, fuming, black-edged hole in the carpet. Both the children feigned innocence, but it didn’t take long for the truth to come out. After assigning the appropriate time-outs, Rachel went online to the Yellow Pages and typed in “interior decorators Florida. The decorator was there in a jiffy, and was able to piece in a square of replacement carpet so well that the patch was completely unnoticeable. Afterwards, Rachel vowed to keep a closer eye on Susan, and to always consult the YP when things around the house needed fixing. She has since been very happy with both decisions.