Finding a Solution to Plantar Fasciitis

Having a Phoenix chiropractor help address my plantar fasciitis was sort of an embarrassing situation. I did all the research about it online and knew that the people most likely to get this condition were runners, pregnant women, and those suffering from obesity. I wish I could say I was a runner or pregnant. I’m obese so I immediately assumed that was the reason I get this shooting pain in my heels when I wake up the morning. It’s a pain that practically hobbles you. I would totter about like an elderly person until the pain went away.

I hoped I could avoid surgery. Going under the knife scares me and it wasn’t something I wanted to endure. I made the appointment with the chiropractor because I knew they worked with people suffering the condition and I thought it would be cheaper than seeing a foot specialist. My fervent hope was that I could wear some type of insole in my shoes that would alleviate that morning pain. I would settle for something else, anything really, that would fix the problem without an invasive procedure. I had a lot of hope mixed with fear when I showed up for my appointment.

The chiropractor agreed I was suffering from the condition and he floated a couple of options. He mentioned something called Shockwave Therapy, which I originally thought he said Electroshock Therapy which we had a good laugh about, and supposedly this treatment loosens up the site of an injury such as what I have and helps healing. He also thought losing weight might help a lot, and he helped set up a nutritional and exercise regimen that promised to take off the weight and thus take the pressure off of my heel. So far it’s going pretty well. I’m not there yet, but my hope is increasing by the day!