I Did Not Want to Have Surgery

My husband’s health insurance was not the best, mainly because it limited us on what doctors we were able to see. The one primary care physician that I was able to go to was definitely not a homeopathic type of doctor. He always wanted to run tests on everything, and surgery was definitely one of the top words in his vocabulary. Thankfully, his insurance does cover a San Diego chiropractor, and that is who I went to see when my doctor kept telling me that my only option for a pain free life was to have surgery on my back.

I had read a lot about back surgeries, and I just did not like the odds for going through one myself. I knew that it could make my pain go away, but I also knew that it could not make a bit of difference. The last factor was the scariest for me, because I knew that it could leave me in even more pain than what I was already in. I finally decided to just go see a chiropractor to get a second opinion, and it is the best decision I could have made.

After running some tests and doing a physical examination, the chiropractor put together a treatment plan for me. It was pretty intense at first, because it meant that I had to get regular adjustments done at least twice a week, and I also needed to have physical therapy twice a week to help me regain the strength that I had lost. The one part of the treatment plan that I really liked was the massage therapy, which I had at least once every week or so. My back started feeling better within that first month, and I am able to do things today that I have not done in years!