I Have Doctor Phobias Even when They Make Me Feel Great After Seeing Them

My wife can tell when my back is hurting even when I do not say or do anything to indicate it. She noticed it again when I was unusually quiet when we were playing cards at a friend’s house. Normally, I laugh and joke around with the rest of the folks there to a greater degree. She noticed a long time ago that I get quiet when I hurt. She called from her cell phone to make me an appointment with our Turlock chiropractor the next day before I was supposed to go to work. It is one of the million reasons of why I love her.

She knew if she asked me to make an appointment that I would put it off. She also knew if she asked me whether or not I wanted her to call that I would put it off too. I do not know for sure why I am that way about things, but she has my number. I feel instantly better after a visit to our Turlock chiropractor. You would think that I would be in a hurry to make an appointment myself. However, I really do not like any sort of medical stuff whatsoever. It does not matter that the visit to our chiropractor is painless and actually feels good to get the heat and massage therapy. I just have this thing about any sort of medical office. This is why my wife makes the appointments for me. I will go once they are scheduled, and I feel great afterwards.

The chiropractor tells me over and over again to call immediately if I start to have pain as they can usually get me in the same day. However, I let it go until it starts to hurt so much I get quiet. I do not know if I will ever get over my doctor phobias, but my wife makes sure I get to them when I need to.