I Needed to Get More Teeth!

I used to the kind of person who never smiled. I had a lot of reasons to smile, but I had a big reason to not smile as well. I had neglected my teeth when I was younger and ended up losing several of them. I thought they were far enough back in my mouth that I would not need to worry about them, but that was just until I saw a picture of myself laughing and could see the gaps. Rather than contact a dentist in Fremont, I just started to not smile where my teeth would show.

That changed not long ago though when I decided that I needed some self improvement. I was so used to hiding my flaws instead of taking care of them, and I realized that I am worth more than that. That same day, I made an appointment with my best friend’s dentist in Fremont. She told me that no one there would judge me, and that they would be able to give me a beautiful smile. I was not really too optimistic about the beautiful part, but I was hoping that they would be able to give me a smile that I was not ashamed of.

My first appointment was just for an exam and cleaning. I was actually complimented on how well I was taking care of the teeth that I did have. That made me feel good! I was also given some different options on how I wanted to proceed. The best one was getting a partial denture where I would be able to take them out daily to clean, but otherwise they would look just like my real teeth. It did not take me long to get my partials made, and I could not be happier with the smile that I see every day when I smile in the mirror first thing in the morning!