I Want to Keep Feeling This Good

Working from home has lots of advantages with only a few disadvantages. I can set my own hours, but I don’t get vacation days or sick days. That is okay though, because I get to work in my pajamas if I want to. Everything was going fine for me until about a month ago. I got up from my desk, and I almost fell to the ground because of a pain in my back. The pain stayed with me for two days, so I knew I needed to contact a Redding chiropractor to make an appointment.

I did not have pain anywhere else, so it just made sense to contact a chiropractor. Though I had never been to one myself, a lot of my friends had been. They all had only positive things to say about their visits to one, so I knew that I was placing myself in good hands. I was still in a lot of pain on my first trip there, and the doctor wanted to take some imaging tests to determine exactly what had went wrong. He also did a physical examination that included seeing how my range of motion was. It wasn’t very good!

It did not stay that way though. He felt that getting regular adjustments for a few weeks as well as massage therapy would be the first part of the treatment plan. If it persisted, then he would add in physical therapy, though he did not feel it would lead to that. He was right too, because after my fourth adjustment, I felt like myself again. A couple of my friends had been trying to get me to go to one because of how good they feel after, and I can definitely understand why they kept after me. I am going to continue to go because I want to keep feeling this good too!