My Chiropractor Relieves My Back Pain when It Hurts, but I Fail at Doing the Exercises So I Don’t Need to Go Back

Spring is such a wonderful time. Our community has an annual Easter Egg hunt. It has grown from just a thing a couple of neighbors did together for some neighborhood kids to a thing where a couple of people spend a few hours hiding the plastic eggs in a big field that has some trees. We have big plastic bins filled with the eggs that all have candy in them. Stooping over hiding all those treats threw my back out. I needed to see my chiropractor in Fort Myers for me to be in good order with my back for work on Monday. Can you imagine telling your boss you cannot come in because your back hurts from putting out Easter Eggs? Yeah, me neither.

When I bend like that my lower back hurts really bad. My problem is that the chiropractor has recommended exercises to build up my back strength to help me stabilize the area. I didn’t just have muscle pain from stooping, I actually irritated nerve endings in my back that caused shooting pains down one leg. If you have ever had sciatic nerve pain, then you know what I am talking about. It feels awful. The pain starts just above your hip, travels around and down your leg, and then terminates in your big toe with a crescendo of electricity and burning that is like being tortured.

You can have mild or worse when it comes to sciatic pain. The mild version hurts a lot, but you can usually keep from showing the pain on your face or crying out. The worst of the pain will catch your attention real quick! A few spinal manipulations and other therapy had the pain go away. Now I just need to get up and get doing those exercises so that it does not come back.