My Husband’s Car Accident Caused a Lot of Pain

I have never been in a car accident, so I cannot understand exactly the pain that my husband was experiencing. He was in the hospital overnight for observation, and they recommended that he see a chiropractor in Sacramento because of the pain he was feeling in his neck and back. Their imaging results did not come up with anything conclusive, and they felt that a chiropractor would be the best professional to help him with the pain and healing that he needed to happen quickly. We had never been to a chiropractor before so we had no idea which one to see.

Thankfully, one of the nurses who was tending to him heard us talk about it, and she told us about her chiropractor. She explained that she used to have a very sore back from being on her feet all day and then helping patients sit up, stand and walk. I never thought about the toll a nurse’s body takes in helping his or her patients! Anyway, she told us that she started seeing a chiropractor, and that he gives her regular adjustments. She no longer has the pain that she was feeling, and she told us that she actually feels better than she did even before the back pain started.

She gave us his contact information when we asked, and we were able to get an appointment for the following day. My husband did not want to take any pain pills, but the pain was just too unbearable until we could get in. The chiropractor was very professional and friendly, and he explained exactly what had happened to my husband’s body after the impact of the collision. Even better, he told us that he would be able to help my husband regain full use of his body without the need for pain pills. The chiropractor kept his word too!