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Learning a Few Things About Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty is a kind of procedure which is used so that you will be able to reshape your nose. Such can make the nose smaller or bigger and this can also depend on what you like to happen. The procedure may be cosmetic but you may also go for this if you have some medical issues with your nose. For instance, if you like to correct the bumps, the indentation as well as the other defects in your nose, then you can do so with this kind of procedure. When you like to achieve that smaller nose, then what the surgeon will do is that he or she will make cuts inside the nostrils to reach the bone and the cartilage of the nose. This is known as closed rhinoplasty and you will not see visible scars following the procedure. Other than not being able to see the visible scars, you will also be able to recover fast and there is less swelling too. If a closed rhinoplasty cannot be done, then one can go for the open version. With such procedure, the surgeon would remove or make some rearrangements in the cartilage or the bone of the nose to change your nose’s shape. When you are interested about making the nose larger, then the surgeon will cut inside or probably between the nostrils and reshape the cartilage or the bone. In order to build up the nose, the surgeon will also use an extra bone or cartilage. The needed cartilage can be removed from the ears and the bone would be taken from the skull, hip or the elbow. Artificial implants may also be used by the surgeon but it is highly recommended that you use your bones or cartilage in order to minimize the risk of infection.
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There are some things that you can expect after the said procedure. You will be having splints inside the nostrils so that your nasal bones can stay in place. You will also see bandages on the area. For several days, your face can feel fluffy and the area surrounding your nose and eyes will look swollen and bruised. It is best that you elevate your head and also stay still for several days after the surgery. You need to rest for several weeks before going back to strenuous activities.
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About the cost of rhinoplasty, you must know that this can cost you $3000 dollars the least. The price can be affected if this is done inside the surgeon’s office or inside the hospital. Also, the price will also differ on the extent of the changes that you like to accomplish for your nose. With this, you can really make small or big changes so that you will achieve what you want for your nose.