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Ten Ways to Care for Anxiety

Someday’s we feel like there is just too much. Whether it is your boss breathing down your throat, constantly stressing you out, or the pressures of not being able to provide for your family, it can all heighten your anxiety to levels that feel out of your control. So what do you do in a case where you feel like everything is going to spin out of control?

1. Breath

Don’t forget to breath. I like to close my eyes, and just listen to myself breath. This lets me know that I am alive, and that everything is going to be okay. I try to visualize every breath that I take, inhale and exhale. This helps move my focus from everything else that is going on, to the visualizations of my breathing.

2. Water

Even though anxiety is all inside your brain and usually doesn’t cause any significant physical damage or problem, I like to drink water when I’m going through an attack. The water helps me get cool. The colder the water, the better, because the sensation will move (if you allow it) your brain from panic mode and your body will feel calmer.

3. Chanting

If I experience anxiety when I am alone, I like to chant. A couple of lines from song usually works. Just repeat the lines and focus on the words. I don’t like saying things like “I’m okay” or “It’s going to be all right” because this tends to make me think the opposite. Make sure to pick a positive song with inspiring lyrics. Keep it positive

4. Pictures

Another great way to move your focus is by looking at pictures. I would suggest looking through physical pictures (ones that you can hold) instead of the computer, but ones on the computer are fine (but you risk looking through your emails and getting stressed). Look at each picture individually and focus on the great memories that they bring you. Smile.

5. Games

A great way to relieve yourself from anxiety is by playing games. They will quickly get your mind off what is bothering you, and help you forget the problem. This allows you to clear your mind so that you can attack the problem in the future in a clam organized manner. If I am out, and am experiencing anxiety, I pull out my cell phone and play some games. If you are driving, pull over and take a break. Have some fun.

6. Drive

This is a per case one. If you feel that your anxiety does not affect your driving, then go ahead and use this one. If not, then pull over and do something else. Sometimes I am feeling anxiety while at home or at work so I take a break and go for a drive. Even if it’s cold, I will put the window down and let the cold breeze cool me out. Sometimes I even lose track of time because it’s so relaxing.

7. Music

Listening to classical music is a great way to chill out. Music overall is a great way to relive some of your anxiety because it takes you to another world. If you’re experiencing anxiety, then stop what you are doing and just listen to music. Eventually the thoughts or the notes of what you are listening to become you. Listen to the sound of your soul.