Tips to Help You Have Better Posture

If you’ve been ever told that you slouch, chances are you may not be paying attention to your posture. Use these easy tips to help you keep your spine in alignment so you can stand tall!


Top Posture Tips

Look at an ergonomics office video

One of the biggest problems that people face at work is the placement of their computers. Based on ACA findings, poor posture can contribute to pain symptoms. If you sit too far away from the computer or slouch, your arms may tire and this can put a strain on your neck, shoulder and back muscles.

To alleviate this, go to a site like YouTube and watch an ergonomics video on where your desk should be versus where you sit. This can help you to have a better posture at your desk. You may need to bring your computer closer to you or push it further away.

Stop slouching and bring your phone up

An area that people aren’t’ aware of is how they look at their phones. If you slouch to see your phone screen and type, this can cause a lot of neck pain and strain. By bringing your phone up to your chest level and thinking “tall, straight back,” this can help to correct your posture. If you find that you have chronic neck pain in Monroe NJ you can search for a chiropractor or orthopedic doctor that can help.

Try looking at yourself in a mirror or having someone take a picture of you when you’re on your phone and not looking. If you’re hunched over, you may need to sit straighter and taller. Just remember to never hold your phone or tablet down, but lift it up!

Sit up straight with your feet flat

At work or school, a hard thing to do may be to sit up straight with your feet flat. Too often, the chairs we sit in have recliners, but this causes people to lean forward instead of bringing the chair forward. If you’re sitting in a reclining chair in the reclining position, you may be straining your neck. To alleviate this, get the owner’s manual for the chair and adjust the setting so it won’t recline. If you can’t find the manual, then practice sitting up straight with your feet flat in front of you.

Stand tall like a ballerina

if you’ve ever seen a ballerina, they have amazing posture because they’re trained to stand tall. To practice this, stand in front of a mirror with your feet flat and stand as tall as you can. You can also practice by standing up against a wall to help straighten your posture.

Buy ergonomic products

Another area that can help you is to buy the appropriate ergonomic products for your desk or workspace. There are all kinds of rubber wrist mats that can help to protect your hands from developing carpel tunnel syndrome. You can also find monitor platforms to raise and adjust the size of your monitor. This can help if you’re very tall so you are eye level with your monitor. As you practice better posture, you’ll find that you’ll be sitting and standing taller in no time!