Waking Up in Pain is Not Ideal

When I woke up one morning and could not bend over to retrieve my slippers, I just attributed it to a poor night of sleep. The pain did not go away though like I thought it would that day, and I went to bed feeling even worse than I did when I woke up. I figured a good night sleep was all I needed, but I woke up the second morning in a world of pain. I went online and did a search for a chiropractor in Santa Rosa because there was no way I was going through a second day of pain.

I was able to get in that day, and everything happened pretty fast. The chiropractor did an examination on my back, and he had me bend and stretch to help him see exactly what range of motion was able to be completed. I then had X-rays done to further diagnose the issue, then the chiropractor sat me down to tell me what had happened. It was nothing dire, which I was relieved about. I did not want to have to have any kind of surgery nor did I want to get on pain medication that can be addictive.

He explained that the previous months had all been building up to this. This was not a problem that had just started a couple of days before. If that was the case, then the pain would have lessened throughout the day. However, most back issues take months or years to develop, and pain is often the last symptom to manifest itself. Because it takes months or years to get to this point, it is not going to take just one chiropractic adjustment before all is declared well. It is going to require a series of adjustments, which I readily agreed to. It was not long before I started feeling better too!