Why We Needed to See a Sacramento Bankruptcy Lawyer

Money started to get tight when I could no longer do my job. We had to rely on income from a secondary job to get by. We cut every corner we could, but we still had a mortgage and a car payment. Those payments remained fixed along with other things such as credit card bills. Everything was manageable when I was able to work the two jobs and my wife her two jobs. One was full time for each of us, and the other was part time. We had to see a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer when my wife had to leave her full time job to help me.

I was out of work for a year due to complications from a chronic disease. She helped me through all of the pain and discomfort. However, the lost income was devastating. The people you owe money to may or may not be sympathetic, but the fact remains we owed them money. They have a right to try and collect it. We needed to take the legal steps to protect ourselves just like they needed to take their legal steps to try and collect. With everyone wanting a payment, there was not enough to go around. We had nothing to sell and no savings. The savings all disappeared when I could not work at all for a full year.

Now I am just working from home at a second job I have been doing for years online. It has cut our income to less than half of what we used to make. We do not want to lose our home being so close to paying it off. We needed the help of a Sacramento bankruptcy lawyer to do what was necessary to help us retain things we have worked a large part of our lives to attain. Our credit cards were used to pay doctor bills and even buy gasoline and groceries when there was no money. We thought I would be back to full time work, but that has not happened.